Our Mission.

We aim to provide quality products, quality service and quality results. Our team of experienced project managers and contractors are experts in our products and will provide service you can rely on. Green Concrete Products can manage your project, supply the materials and deliver the floor finish you desire.


Our Vision

Green Concrete Products, is the leader in the concrete flooring industry. We continue to explore, research and educate ourselves and our team of contractors on new technologies within the industry. Sustainable concrete flooring materials are in the forefront of our business.

We consider the environment as one of our major factors, and pride ourselves on delivering materials that are environmentally friendly, while ensuring the legacy we leave is sustainable for the future.

Our Team

Green Concrete Products is the evolution of a successful family business of more than 30 years experience in the industry. 

Our aim is to provide sustainable concrete solutions on all concrete flooring works Australia wide.



See where it all began

1984 - The beginning

In 1984, Damian and Lee-Anne O'Neill established a contracting company based in Melbourne Australia that used environmentally friendly methods to prepare and treat concrete floors. No dust, no harmful chemicals and safe work processes were the key objectives in the establishment of this business.

Ashford Formula was used as an alternative to coatings, epoxies and other harmful chemicals to harden and protect concrete floors. Over the next decade the business expanded to each state of Australia.

1998 - Ashford Formula

By 1998 the right to distribute Ashford Formula in Australia was acquired and the expansion of Ashford Formula became the main focus of the business.

Ashford Formula had been widely used around the world since the late 1940's.

Its reputation is solidly built on decades of product performance and customer satisfaction.

2000 - Introduction of RetroPlate

In 2000 RetroPlate was introduced as an alternative to chemically coated concrete floors when polished concrete became a popular floor finish.

The RetroPlate system, through dust free grinding, could provide the benefits of Ashford Formula with the added advantage of a highly polished and hardened floor on both new and old concrete.

2010 - Green Concrete Products

In 2010 Callum & Catherine O'Neill became involved in the business and continued to develop and expand the product line with the emphasis on environmentally friendly products and processes.

Thus the idea of Green Concrete Products was born.

2015 - Melbourne Market

The long wait is over for the first tenants to movie into their state of the art facility in Epping. This project totalling over 150,000m2 was a major project for the state of Victoria and certainly a major project for Green Concrete Products. Still the largest single project works undertaken in our history.

2018 - The future