7 day wet cure

  • UltraCure NCF™ wet curing blanket has been the preferred choice by top professionals
  • provides thorough hydration,
  • less discoloration, and
  • a more evenly cured slab.
  • UltraCure NCF™ (Natural Cellulose Fabric) provides constant hydration,
  • maintains a 100% relative humidity condition on the slab for the entire 7-day curing period (with proper installation).
  • non-staining, super absorbent fibers that effectively trap water and serve as a hydrating reservoir for the slab as it cures.
  • white poly backing -  provides constant visual reinforcement that the slab remains wet for the entire curing period.

The environmentally friendly way to cure your concrete.

7-14 day wet cure

  • provides all the benefits of the ULTRACURE NCF however over the 14 day cure time.  

Flooring Protection for your investment

  • EZcoverTM helps protect your floor, even when other people don’t.
  • EZcoverTM is a tough and durable natural cellulose fiber blanket designed to help protect any indoor flooring surface.
  • If you produce colored or gray slabs, marble, hardwood or terrazzo flooring, EZcoverTM simply rolls out to provide coverage where you need it most.