Congratulations Rogers Concrete on the Golden Trowel 2018

Congratulations to Drummond Rogers and the team at Rogers Concrete for the receiving the Golden Trowel for the worlds flattest floor in their category for 2018.  A special congratulations to H. Troon, Steve, Dave and Shane also for their involvement in achieving this recognition at the World of Concrete. It was special to be involved in the project and we appreciate your continued support of Ashford Formula and RetroPlate on your projects. 


Reflection of 2018 & Welcome 2019

Upon reflection of the year 2018, our business was successful in some areas and unsuccessful in others. We encountered a difficult start to the year 2018, times were tough, business was slow and opportunities were closely contested. Over 30 years experience and the relationships formed, we were able to ride the slow times and losses and set some new milestones for the second half of 2018. In summary, our year ended successfully, we were challenged and questioned and able to adapt and grow.

2018 marked the 34th year of continuous treatments to the Bunnings stores in Australia and New Zealand. We are very proud of this achievement and appreciate the opportunity to work with such a wonderful organisation. It’s culture from an external supplier is something to be admired and respected. I am grateful to all the community members involved in the Bunnings stores over its history and especially in 2018. 

We also celebrated the first Costco project undertaken by our business in Australia. This was a tremendous effort and showed significant persistence in the face of adversity. In my previous 7 years, we had only dreamed of working with such an respected organisation and supporting them with the treatment of their floors. Our first foray into the Costco build process was exciting, we stood up to the challenges and embraced this opportunity, grabbing it with both hands that allowed us to showcase such a successful project. 

2018 also marked a time for change. We initiated with our team an online platform that supports the record keeping of quality assurance documentation expected when applying our products in the industry. This has helped track, record and troubleshoot any queries for our team and ensures a consistent flow of communication to key stakeholders. 

To finalise the 2018 year we were grateful to our long-standing relationship to the team at H.Troon, particularly Steve and James. We have worked closely with them undertaking and managing the cafe floor upgrades for Bunnings in New Zealand and Australia. The D&C of a large distribution facility for Accolade Wines in Berri was outstanding and the concrete placement, finish and flatness was awarded with a golden trowel award at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas in January. Congratulations to H.Troon and the team, Rogers Concrete and to our team of applicators who supported and undertook the 19,000+m2 of Ashford Formula on that floor. It was a special project to be apart of.   

Moving ahead into 2019, we have many great opportunities in front of us. Our products Ashford formula and RetroPlate turn 70 and 20 years respectively and are still world leaders in the concrete densification and polished concrete markets. Our year will be about celebrating the significance of this milestone of our solutions in Australia and the world. The World of Concrete in January will be focused around this significance in the industry. We hope we can improve our service and support of our concrete solutions to you in Australia and New Zealand. Have a great year and we look forward to supporting you on your projects in 2019.

Kindest regards

Callum O’Neill  


Bunnings Cafe

Glue, floor to ceiling glass, office staff trying to complete their work before Christmas. 4 days, 200m2. Full exposure. Retroplate system. A lovely presentation by 4 Dimensions and our applicator Natural Concrete Polishing Systems. All works managed by RetroPlate Australia to ensure deadlines and quality were achieved and minimal impact to the staff at Bunnings. A terrific result and thanks to all at Bunnings for your support and understanding. Enjoy your new cafe space. 


Costco Bundamba Thank you.

A special opportunity to undertake the management of the floor sealing works at Costco Bundamba. Like everything, there are always challenges. Adco Construction were a great team to work with and we are appreciative of their support. A very big thanks to all who supported and persisted through the build process, especially Brett, Scott and the team from Transitions Polishing and Grinding. A remarkable achievement on the floors and a terrific example of the quality of our flooring solutions Ashford Formula and RetroPlate. Well done again to all involved. 


First class Skate Park

Skate parks receive constant traffic and wear. The concrete surface is therefore something you should look to protect and ensure that its longevity is maintained. Ashford Formula and RetroPlate have been used on many skate parks throughout Australia and this project shows the versatility of our concrete solutions. 

A great showcase from the team at Adventeering and their work.