“Ashford Formula is the world leader in concrete densification. It seals, hardens and dust proofs the surface.”

Ashford Formula, a leader in concrete densification since 1949, is a transparent, chemically reactive, water-based sealer that penetrates concrete and masonry building materials, protecting, preserving and strengthening them permanently by: 


Ashford Formula controls hairline checking and temperature cracking on new concrete. When applied to properly placed, structurally sound freshly finished concrete, Ashford Formula will uniformly cure the concrete through a combined chemical/moisture retention reaction so vital to the complete hydration process.


Ashford Formula penetrates deep into the concrete, forming a chemical reaction that locks the pores from within, providing a deep, permanent seal on all types of concrete surfaces.


Ashford Formula solidifies the component parts of the concrete into one solid mass, increasing the density, toughness, hardness and substantially increasing the abrasion resistance and durability of the concrete surface. Smooth steel-troweled surfaces develop a marble-like finish and sheen; Ashford Formula treated concrete has been compressively tested 38% harder after 30 days than fully cured, untreated concrete.


Ashford Formula chemically reacts with the salts in the concrete, permanently eliminating the release of concrete dust through the surface pores.

How is this achieved?

The concept is very simple: a concrete floor surface is internally sealed through a process of crystalline growth. The same reaction also hardens the concrete and locks up the dust. Because the chemistry is inorganic, there is nothing to wear out, scratch or peel.

Still without equal

The idea of achieving these results was initiated over 60 years ago by the Ashford Formula. This is the product that created an entirely new industry. Because of the success of the Ashford Formula, many imitations have come on the market. None of them, however, can match the long-term performance of the original. No one has the same unique catalytic chemistry that has delivered results lasting over 60 years. No one has the same Lifetime or 20-year warranty that is validated by six decades of proven performance.